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Below are several of Thaddeus Kozuch's home studio video recordings (more on the way!)

( We have only just a few of these wonderful performances.  The audio sound quality is very good and natural, but these do come with some grainy video. )


Chopin Etude

1986 studio recording

Thaddeus Kozuch often "warmed up" with this Chopin Etude Opus 25 number 3 in F Major.  Here is an example of a 1986 performance when Kozuch was 73 years old that truly draws the musicality from what is simply described as a keyboard exercise.


Chopin Nocturne #1

1986 studio recording

This a wonderful example of Thaddeus Kozuch's reflective and beautifully sensitive playing when he was 73 years old.  He performed this Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 #1 in B♭ minor many times during his lifetime. This is one the "special ones" for me (Jon Kozuch).

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