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Thaddeus Kozuch in WW-II England

Performing at hospitals in the British Isles

  • During WW-II years (1944-1945), Thaddeus Kozuch was a US Army soldier stationed in England.  An officer heard Thaddeus practicing in the barracks one day, and quickly diverted his talents to play for wounded soldiers in hospitals.  Instead of storming the beach at Normandy, where 75 percent of his fellow troops perished, Thaddeus survived as an entertainer for the war's duration.

  • Below are some Thaddeus Kozuch recital and concert programs and other memorabilia from when he was in the US Army serving in the British Isles during World War II (1944-1945).

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1959-1960 European Concert Tour

This collection of images is from Thaddeus Kozuch's five month concert tour in several countries.

  • Several RTF (French Radio) concert broadcast recordings are located in the RECORDINGs section.

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Recital and Orchestra programs

Thaddeus Kozuch gave many solo and duo-performer recitals with other well-known musicians, and also performed with these orchestras ...

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  • Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

  • DePaul University Community Symphony Orchestra

  • Elkhart Symphony Orchestra

  • Illinois Symphony Orchestra

  • Maywood Symphony Orchestra

  • Rudolph Ganz Symphony Orchestra

  • YMCA Symphony Orchestra Midland 

  • BBC Midland Light Orchestra (England)

  • G.E.C. Orchestra (England)

  • South Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra (England)

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