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Ravel & Radio FRANCE

Several recordings of the same music are provided in some cases. This was done to show differences in musical interpretation over the years, or when several recordings were available but it was just too difficult to pick only one.

R .. Radio France: Text

VIDEO:  Ravel Habanera

For something completely different, Thaddeus Kozuch usually performed this little Ravel Habanera in recitals following an enormous showpiece, or as a tranquil encore.  In this home studio recording of March 26th, 1986 he displays very subtle and truly sensitive musicianship. 

Also from October of 1986, an AUDIO recording is available from the concert recital given in Grand Rapid Michigan at the St. Cecilia Music Center (see below).

R .. Radio France: Video
R .. Radio France: Music Player
R .. Radio France: Music
R .. Radio France: Music
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