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Footsteps in the Snow CD

Some history about the CD

Is it still available?

The simple answer is: yes, and no, as I will explain.


In 2002 I wanted to share several of my father Thaddeus Kozuch's classical piano recordings by creating a professional quality CD of some of his performances. Hundreds of hours went into the production of the artwork, graphics, narrative text, media digitizing, and audio editing before it was ready for production. We produced thousands of the CDs back then, and we gave them away to Kozuch's appreciative listeners, past students, and fellow musicians. Now, years later, we have been asked if the CD is still available.

Given that most people these days listen online, we cannot justify the expense of another production run of the CD so instead, in June, all of the CD tracks were uploaded here (under the "Footsteps" tab above). The website was recently constructed (in 2021) to present more of Kozuch's brilliant virtuoso piano performances, far more than can fit on a single CD. 

Why is CD cover music marked up?

The messy looking musical score on the CD cover shows an example of dad's very detailed notation. This single page includes such interpretational comments as: "think inner voices'', "linger", and "listen for 2nd beat".

These markings were done on nearly all of his scores. We hope you might agree that the musical results are evident in Thaddeus Kozuch's sensitive, technically brilliant, and powerful performances.

Why is it titled "Footsteps in the Snow"?

"Footsteps in the Snow'' (​the name of a Debussy Prelude) was meant to convey a particular side of my dad's personality that was often displayed: his calm, gentle, professor-like demeanor. Different works on the CD present other facets of his personality which I'm sure are evident in the emotion and power of the music.

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