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1960 Radio FRANCE recordings

When Kozuch traveled to Europe for multi-country concert tours, while in Paris in 1960 he was asked by Radio-Television France to record a collection of piano works, presented below.

A word of thanks for help in discovering and obtaining the RTF recordings from pianist-friend Joseph Stefanits ...
Joe and I met in front of our Chicago home one day when he noticed my father's music CD and we learned of our common appreciation of great piano music.
Joseph, who also is a fine pianist and musician, has a wonderful Youtube site at

Here is a link to the Chopin Mazurka collection

Here is a link to music composed by Thaddeus Kozuch 

Here is a link to another earlier 1947 recording of the Russell Wood Sonata, and Thaddeus Kozuch's 1979 encore of his "little Waltz."

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