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Thaddeus Kozuch debut at Orchestra Hall

Thaddeus Kozuch piano recordings

Performances from 1947 to 1991

Welcome to the official Music Artist Portfolio of concert pianist, teacher, lecturer, scholar, and composer Thaddeus Kozuch.  Completely American-trained, the young Thaddeus quickly became known as a musical prodigy, performing many challenging works at a maturity level far beyond his age.  Over a career of 70+ years Kozuch's performances have been heralded by commentators and enthusiastic music lovers of all ages.  Upon hearing the young lad perform Chopin, Artur Rubinstein commented that Thaddeus possessed "a rare talent and maturity".  Vladimir Horowitz also noted that Kozuch had "fabulous fingers, great dexterity".

More information about Thaddeus Kozuch may be found on the BIO page.

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This was long overdue

In the last century, Thaddeus Kozuch was an example of one of the mostly "great unknown" Americans and concert pianists of his generation, and this simply needed to change ... therefore, this website was born (in May of 2021).

It is true that these recordings and editing were done by myself as an act of love and to honor my father.  Upon reflection, however, the work needed to be done for even more important historical and archival reasons on behalf of Chicago's Polish-American community and for Chicago history in general.  The website is especially created for Classical piano music lovers and piano performance historians everywhere.  Thanks to the many advances in communications via the internet, what in the past was known only to the fortunate few will now become universally available.  

Over the upcoming months we intend to (1) continue adding content and more great recordings to the website (I will email you when they are loaded, if desired); (2) create a Youtube link to the website for convenient access worldwide; (3) promote the website online and with various organizations; and (4) eventually donate the entire completed website to a (yet to be selected) new organization.

Enjoy !  and thank you ...

     ... Jon Kozuch, with my sister Ann and help from our extended family.

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Recording technology

Many of the recordings presented on this website were made by his son Jon Kozuch at times when DePaul recordings were either not made, were of inferior audio quality, or were (sadly) discarded when the university music school moved to its new campus.  There are also a good number of 1947 disc transfers of works that best illustrate Kozuch's early performances (Hint: check out the incredible 1947 Prokofiev 6th sonata recording). 

Before 1970 recordings were done on an Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorder.  The recordings starting in 1970 were done with a Revox studio quality tape recorder using a Dolby-B noise reduction unit and two Sony condenser microphones. In the 1980's a Sony DAT tape recorder replaced the Revox/Dolby combination still using the same condenser microphones.  In the 1980's a VHS video camera was used, and later a VCR with Hi-Fi sound. In the mid-to-late 1990's, with the advent of digital audio and video data streaming formats and their storage on computers, all recordings were digitized and placed on a home network server using lossless audio methods. 

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Thaddeus Kozuch

... Brilliant Piano Virtuoso

Pianist Thaddeus Kozuch has always been musically gifted and a brilliant virtuoso.  From a young age Thaddeus performed a variety of works at a very advanced technical and musical level.  Over the years, critics and audiences alike have been amazed by his superb technique and fleeting finger work. 

Beyond purely technical facility,  Thaddeus Kozuch's Chopin musical interpretations have become known as a particular specialty and highlight of his career.  Kozuch has been recognized as a scholar, educator and deeply thoughtful performer of Frédéric Chopin's works, as well as a number of other composers. 

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Latest Updates ... website is a mission and a work in progress. As time permits, more and more videos and recorded performances will be uploaded.

This page will highlight changes and new developments as they happen, for either the website or the music. 
Now, you need never miss a moment with all the latest news compiled in one regularly updated section.


Thaddeus Kozuch MUSIC news

Latest news, as of September 29, 2021

9/29/2021 Chopin - Scherzo #2 Opus 31 uploaded (1986 concert performance)

9/28/2021 Chopin - Preludes Opus 28 (complete) uploaded

9/13/2021 Chopin - "Heroic" Polonaise Opus 53 uploaded

8/19/2021 Szymanowski - Mazurkas uploaded

8/19/2021 Wieniawski - Kujawiak uploaded

8/18/2021 Lecuona - Gitanerias uploaded

8/18/2021 Prokofiev - The Love for Three Oranges March uploaded

8/15/2021 Chopin - Polonaise Opus 26 #2 uploaded

7/26/2021 Chopin - Ballade#1 sound glitch fixed

7/04/2021 Chopin - Etude uploaded

7/04/2021 Chopin - Impromptu uploaded

7/02/2021 Russell Wood - Sonata & Waltz uploaded

7/01/2021 Concert Miniature (1947) 78's uploaded

6/18/2021 Ravel - Prelude, Habernera, La Valse, Alborada... uploaded

6/17/2021 Debussy - Preludes uploaded

6/15/2021 Chopin - Ballades uploaded

6/11/2021 Chopin - Nocturnes uploaded

     (5 works in 8 recordings)

6/09/2021 Chopin - Mazurkas uploaded

     (15 in group1, 12 in group2 same works)

5/18/2021 Chopin - VIDEO uploaded

5/15/2021 Brahms - multiple uploads

5/12/2021 Beethoven - multiple uploads

5/09/2021 Bartok - Sonata uploaded

5/03/2021 Thaddeus Kozuch website launched with just a few Albeniz recordings and limited narrative.

D1) 1959-01-19 PARIS Kozuch Recital (ann

Thaddeus Kozuch SUBSCRIBER news

Latest news

September 2021 - Ginny, a student of Thaddeus Kozuch, is now a subscriber

August 2021 - Ema is our first Serbian subscriber

June 2021 - Mark is our first Florida subscriber

May 2021 - Larry is our first world sailor & subscriber

May 2021 - Kathryn is our first Texas subscriber

5/24/2021 - Lisa was our very first subscriber !

1965-10-03 MaryCrest College Recital (co

Thaddeus Kozuch WEBSITE news

September 2021 - Chopin Ballades are now in 2 collections of recordings
June 2021 - Narrative improvements
May 2021 - Website launched

8/18/2021 - St.Cecilia Grand Rapids correctly identified for 10/03/1986 concert recordings.

6/09/2021 - UPDATES page added

6/08/2021 - Composer(s) new pages added

5/31/2021 - BIO new page added

5/15/2021 - PICTURES pages added 

5/03/2021 - Website created with just a few recordings and limited narrative.

1966-04-16 Poland's Millennium KOZUCH re

Thaddeus Kozuch HISTORICAL news

June 2021 update

Thaddeus Kozuch was a Polish-American patriot.  Information about his involvement with Polish and American organizations will be added in this section.

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